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International activity

Ternopil Ivan Pul’uj National Technical University (TNTU) is a higher educational institution which is recognized by the international education organizations. It is an active member of the European University Association (EUA) and the «n+i» Network of French Engineering Schools. Moreover, it is a participant of Magna Charta Universitatum, the Baltic University Programme (BUP) and the International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries (IATUL). Currently, TNTU works under direct contracts with 70 foreign universities from 21 countries. There are 11 international education centres at TNTU: ѲSÑÎ, VUE, Schneider ųåñtr³ñ, ̳ñrosoft ²Ò, ÀÑÊÎÍ, QNX Software Systems, SUN Microsystems, ²ÂÌ, STMicroelectronix, D-Link, Ñ++.

At TNTU, the considerable attention is given to the education of the international students whose language of instruction is either Ukrainian or English. 270 international students study at university, including 90 students from Nigeria, 34 students from Zimbabwe, 21 students from the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 21 students from Egypt, 13 students from Namibia, 6 students from Pakistan, 5 students from Cameroon, 4 students from Kenya, 4 students from Sudan, 3 students from Morocco, 3 students from Angola, 3 students from European countries, 3 students from Asian countries, 43 students from other African Countries.

Five educational and three scientific international projects are implemented at TNTU. They are as follows: «Equal Opportunities in Getting Profession for Young Mother-students in Higher Educational Establishment (HEE)»; «Inter-university Start-up Centres for Students’ Innovations Development & Promotion» (SUCSID); «Modernization of Postgraduate Studies on Security and Resilience for Human and Industry Related Domains (SEREIN)»; «Development and Implementation of International Distance Learning System» (the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative, United Nations Academic Impact); «The Development of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Relations on the Basis of Joint Ukrainian-Tajik Faculty » (the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative, United Nations Academic Impact); «Properties of Heat Affected Zone of Welded Joints of Modern Steel Resistant to Creeping». In August, 2015, according to the results of the Erasmus+ second competition, the university became a participant of four European Union projects. They are as follows: under Key Action 1: «Learning Mobility» the university joined the consortiums of two Erasmus projects of Politechnika Lubelska (Lublin University of Technology) and Politechnika Opolska (Opole University of Technology); under Key Action 2: «Capacity Building in the field of higher education» the university joined the consortium of project «Development of a Network Infrastructure for Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Support on Fablab Platform (FABLAB)»; under Jean Monnet Activities the university won a grant to develop a learning module «Ecologically Responsible Business: Research and Implementation of Europe Experience».

The development of the joint programmes, in particular the double degree programmes, is one of the priority directions of the university international cooperation. All the university students have the opportunity to participate in the academic mobility programmes in Poland, Germany, the UK, France and the USA. Currently, 30 students study under Double Master’s Degree Programme at the Lublin University of Technology (Poland), one student studies at the Opole University of Technology, and two students study under Ukrainian-German Double Degree Programme for the Bachelor’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden (Germany). Moreover, the university students studied at Glyndŵr University (Wrexham, Wales, UK). One postgraduate student undertook training and two students studied for their Master’s Degree at the International Higher School of Computer Science and Information Technology (Cergy, France). In 2015, the academic mobility programme «Polish Erasmus for Ukraine and Erasmus +» was implemented at TNTU. 14 university students study at 7 Polish universities under this programme.

Furthermore, the distance education is widely implemented at university. The local centres of distance learning are created abroad. The centres operate at Technological University of Tajikistan and in Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Warren, Michigan (the USA). The distance learning centres are currently creating in Slovenia, Portugal and Canada.

An integral part of the academic mobility programmes is a work placement traineeship. Annually, many students undertake traineeship in the company «Ustronianka», Ustron, Poland (2007-2015 – 337 students). Moreover, the university students carry out traineeships under the following programmes: «Apollo» (Germany, 2012-2015 – 13 students), the programme of «German Peasants’ Union» (Germany, 2012-2015 – 9 students), Agricultural Program «Agroimpuls» (Switzerland, 2012-2015 – 15 students), DAAD University Summer Course (Germany, 2015 – 2 students). In July, 2015, 28 students of TNTU and Husiatyn college of TNTU undertook training in Summer Language School in Slupsk (Poland).

Traineeship in the company “Ustronianka” (Poland)

The Centre of Foreign Languages functions at university on a commercial basis for the purpose of in-depth study of English, German, French and Polish. Annually, more than 120 students participate in the international youth exchange, training and traineeship programmes in the UK, the USA, France, Germany and Poland due to the Centre activities.

The university gives the considerable attention to dispatching scientists, lecturers, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students abroad for carrying out scientific researches and undertaking scientific training. In 2015, 172 persons, including 135 students, were dispatched abroad. In the 2014/2015 academic year, four university lecturers and scientists carried out researches and undertook training abroad.

TNTU is a centre of international activity in Ternopil region. In 2015, the university was attended by more than 90 persons who were the representatives and scientists from many foreign higher educational establishments, associations and companies, namely from Poland, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Lithuania, Belarus, Hungary, the Republic of Iran, the Republic of Moldova, France, Romania, the Czech Republic, the UK, Nigeria, Finland, Georgia.