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With Love to Ukraine and the University

On May 25, 2017 the foreign students of TNTU presented the Celebration Program I Love of University Anniversary

Love songs and poetry in English, Ukrainian and Arabic have sounded by foreign students with love to Ukraine and their University

Another special event of the celebration was the creative experiment African beauty in Ukrainian ethnothem. Foreign students presented collections of clothes in ethnic style Hetmanivna and Molfarka by designer Oksana Grytsai. These collections have won the Grand Prix in Ukraine and abroad, particularly in Lithuania and Spain.

Foreign Beauties defiled in gorges costumes and added a special charm to the collections.

The celebration ended with the speech of Iryna Kramar Vice-Dean in Extracurricular Affairs. She expressed sincere gratitude to each person by name, who participated in the Concert and especially to Oksana Grytsai, who provided the collection costumes.

Festive event, which theme was the word love is not only a celebration in honor of the faculty, but also grand, festive celebration of the University. So, Happy Birthday to you, Ternopil Polytechnic!