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Between the tender palms of Podillya and Halychyna Ternopilshchyna spreads like a rainbow. This land has hugged to its heart fascinating pre-Carpathian Medobory Hills, dreamy Volyn oak-goves, spacious Lanivtsi plains and picturesque pre-Dnister valleys.

Trimmed with flowers and legends it is a cradle of such national knights as Severyn Nalyvaiko and Ustym Karmeliuk. It is the spring of Solomia Krushelnytska immortal songs, Markiian Shashkevych ardent word, Denys Sichynskyi and Mykhailo Verykivskyi melodic kobza, Olena Kul'chytska and Anton Monastyrskyi sunny palette. It is a homeland of the stage magicians of Vasyl Yurchak, Les Kurbas, Maryan Krushelnytskyi and the sculptor Mykhailo Parashchuk.

During the liberating war under the guidance of Bohdan Khmelnytsky the routes of Cossack detachmets ran across Ternopillya. Zbarazh and Zboriv are commemorated in the chronicles of those glorious events.

Ancient Ternopil keeps its sacred places of interest on old 16th century such as the castle and Nadstavna church. Old buildings and streets remember the first town settlers, the Tatars and the Turkeys ravaging attacks, wise instructions of the townowner V. K. Ostrozkyi. The history of the Ternopillia is closely connected with the first "Mishchanske Bratstvo" meetings, Ivan Gorbachevskyi, Ivan Pul'uj, Olexander Barvinskyi and Stepan Baley and scientific enlightened actions, sincere sermons of Metropolitan Yosyp Slipyi, Vasyl Barvinsky and Roman Kupchynskyi musical compositions, Volodymyr Hzhytskyi and Petro Karmanskyi literary works. The men of gineus - Taras Schevchenko and Ivan Franko - have been living and working here for some period.

At the dawn of our century the Ternopillers joined the cultural enlightened and sport societies "Sich", "Plast" and "Sokil". During the World War 1 they became the soldiers of the Ukrainian Sichovi Striltsi Army.In 1918 they defended the young Western-Ukrainian People's Republic.

When the West Ukraine was joined with the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Ternopil became a regional centre. Considerable losses were caused by the further events. Thousands of people became the victims of the German-Russian War, during which many factories and plants, schools and houses were completely destroyed. It took many years for our land to heal the wounds.

Today Ternopillia is known as one of the most beautiful region in Ukraine. Ternopil is the centre of the national-cultural movement and the center of science. Ivan Pul'uj Neational Technical University and Academy of National Economy, Ivan Gorbachevsky Medical Academy and Volodymur Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University, technical schools, colleges and vocational schools train highly qualified specialists.

Welcome to Ternopil Region - Region of national concord and efficient partnership!

January 27, 2011