Ruska str., 56, Ternopil, Ukraine

Foreign Students Faculty

Kovalyuk Bogdan Pavlovych
Dean Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Kovalyuk, Bogdan Pavlovych
Vice-Dean in Academic Affairs Halyna Osukhivska
Vice-Dean in Extracurricular Affairs Iryna Kramar
Student and Academic Services (responsible for first- and second-year students) Liudmyla Humnytska
Student Services (responsible for student registration) Galyna Kykta
Student and Academic Services (responsible for third-, fourth- and fifth-year students) Oksana Krasnenka
Inspector, Vice-Dean in General Affairs Liudmyla Moroz
Address: 46001, Ternopil, 56, Ruska St.;
Tel: +38(0352) 51-97-17;


  • Ukrainian Studies and Philosophy;
  • Ukrainian and Foreign Languages;
  • Physics.

Year of foundation 2011

Teaching staff 44 lecturers and researchers,
including Dr.Sc., Prof. 5, PhD, Assoc. Prof. 23
Total number of students enrolled 250
Number of Master's degree students 12
Number of Postgraduate students 4
Special scientific-research and training laboratories 7

  • Preparatory Department for foreign students:
    • English language of instruction;
    • Ukrainian (Russian) language of instruction.
  • Bachelor's Degree Programmes (English language of instruction):
    • 6.060101 Construction
    • 6.050502 Mechanical engineering
    • 6.050701 Electrical engineering and electrotechnics
    • 6.050101 Computer science
    • 6.050102 Computer engineering
    • 6.030601 Management
  • Master's Degree Programmes (English language of instruction):
    • 8.05010101 Information Control Systems and Technologies;
    • 8.03060101 Management of Organizations and Administration
  • Bachelor's / Master's Degree Programmes (Ukrainian language of instruction):
    • all accredited fields of study and specialities

Postgraduate Degree Programmes:

  • Physics of the solid body;
  • Economic theory and history of economic thought.

Main Research Areas:

  • Study of electrical and magnetic properties of materials with narrow energy bands;
  • Study of the influence of laser shock waves on the physical properties of materials to control the defect subsystem of these materials;
  • Influence of the shape density of electronic states on the electrical and magnetic properties of narrow-gap materials;
  • History of science and technology;
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of teaching physics for engineering students, including the use of innovative teaching methods.

Scientific and research topics:

  • Spiritual culture in the context of transformation of Ukrainian society into the European Community;
  • Concept of teaching foreign language for professional purposes in the context of the Bologna Process.
February 3, 2017