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Student Council

Every generation and every person in particular goes through this transfer from childhood to adolescence in his or her own way. But the only accomplishments remaining in our memory forever are those most prominent and bringing the invaluable enjoyment into our lives.

How does the life of a student look like today and what are the goals he set before himself? In order to get a better understanding of this we, the Student council of the TSTU, should like to address you and share our future plans, hearing your thought and wishes as well.

We know that currently your studies are a number 1 in your list, that is why we should like to improve and tighten the connection between students and teaching staff, to diversify it and make it more interesting. As you know, the arrangements for show are long-gone. We want to live in a real world – to hold discussions and conferences, to explore the unknown brought to us by our elder mates through the practical studies and extraordinary lectures. We are the future of our country that is why we should master the achievements of the previous generations and go further creating new things by ourselves.

But as the saying is, man does not live by bread alone, studies and recreation should be combined wisely so that they wouldn’t hinder, but on the contrary – add to energy and health. Cultural mass arrangements shouldn’t end with the discotheques and sports competitions at each department, they should go further creating a diverse recreation array. The Student day and the Freshman day, the middle of studies celebration and the diploma defense should be thoroughly planned and arranged.

We are willing to do it and hope that our plans will be fulfilled.

Main tasks of the TSTU Student Council:

  • Ensuring the fulfillment of their duties as citizens and students by the student youth.
  • Promoting educational, scientific and creative activities of students.
  • Promoting and enhancing the necessary living conditions for the university students. Giving recommendations to students while accommodating them at the hostels of the university.
  • Arranging student leisure and recreation.
  • Conducting inter-university and international work.
  • Promulgating healthy life style, preventing law violation, alcohol and drug consumption by the students etc.
  • Protecting legitimate rights and interests of students in the state authorities.
  • Facilitating students’ employment.
  • Nurturing patriotism and the need of adherence to law, moral and ethic standards.
  • Organization of the educative work in the branches of culture, enlightenment and physical education.


  • Olesya Dutka – Head
  • Mariya Gnatovych – Vice-head
  • Maryana Lakhmaniuk – Secretary
  • Mariya Gnatovych – Educational sector
  • Nadiya Lutsyn, Ruslan Khiyasidinov – Cultural mass arrangements sector
  • Tetyana Kopershevych – Public relations sector
  • Sergiy Sulik – Sports sector
  • Mykola Kozaryk – Head of the Student Council of Hostels


Address: Ternopil, Gogol str., teaching building 8, room 31

E-mail: studrada@tu.edu.te.ua

Tel.: +380979606371

Meeting schedule:

Student Council meeting – Wednesday, 15.00
Heads of Departments’ meeting – Thursday, 17.00

20 June 2009