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Scientific Activities and Research

Vice-Rector — Rogatynskyy, Roman Mykhaylovych
Sc.D., Professor
e-mail: rogatynski@tu.edu.te.ua

Scientific research in TNTU is aimed at the development of analysis methods, modeling, diagnostics, forecasting, techno-economic justification and design of machines, systems, devices, tools, new materials for mechanical engineering, radio engineering, food, processing industry, agronomical complex, medicine and biology, environmental protection, ground based complex of outer-space communication and Earth's remote sensing.

In 2013 the scientists of TNTU have accomplished more than 70 research-and-development works in 19 scientific and research laboratories and centers to the amount of 2346 000 UAH, published more than 1300 scientific papers, particularly 18 monographs, 45 articles in foreign publications. TNTU is the founder of 3 professional scientific publications. Science Park «Innovation & Investment Cluster Ternopil» is the part of TNTU and its main task is the implementation of innovative projects, which have been developed by the scientists of the university and region. Novelty and high level of the sci-tech developments are proved by the patents for invention and useful models (around 300 patents for the last 5 years).

Student scientists association and Students' scientific circle are also the core parts of the university. Around 10 international and Ukraine-wide scientific conferences, particularly student and young scientists’ conferences, are being held annually. Postgraduate studies in 21 speciality and doctoral studies in 6 specialities, 5 specialized Academic Councils of theses defence in 8 specialities of which 2 are the doctoral ones in 3 specialities are functioning in the university. In 2013 the scientists of TNTU have defended 9 doctoral and 33 PhD theses.

8 July 2014