• Ruska str., 56, Ternopil, Ukraine
  • phone: +380 352 519701, fax: +380 352 254983

Foreign Students Faculty

Kovalyuk Bogdan Pavlovych
Dean — Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Kovalyuk, Bogdan Pavlovych
Vice-Dean in Academic Affairs — Halyna Osukhivska
Vice-Dean in Extracurricular Affairs — Iryna Kramar
Student and Academic Services (responsible for first- and second-year students) — Liudmyla Humnytska
Student Services (responsible for student registration) — Galyna Kykta
Student and Academic Services (responsible for third-, fourth- and fifth-year students) — Oksana Krasnenka
Inspector, Vice-Dean in General Affairs — Liudmyla Moroz
Address: 46001, Ternopil, 56, Ruska St., Room 2-80
Tel: +380 352 22-02-21;
e-mail: fri@tu.edu.te.ua;
web: fri.tntu.edu.ua


  • Ukrainian Studies and Philosophy;
  • Ukrainian and Foreign Languages;
  • Physics.

Year of foundation — 2011

Teaching staff — 44 lecturers and researchers,
including Dr.Sc., Prof. — 5, PhD, Assoc. Prof. — 23
Total number of students enrolled — 250
Number of Master's degree students — 12
Number of Postgraduate students — 4
Special scientific-research and training laboratories — 7

  • Preparatory Department for foreign students:
    • English language of instruction;
    • Ukrainian (Russian) language of instruction.
  • Bachelor's Degree Programmes (English language of instruction):
    • 6.060101 Construction
    • 6.050502 Mechanical engineering
    • 6.050701 Electrical engineering and electrotechnics
    • 6.050101 Computer science
    • 6.050102 Computer engineering
    • 6.030601 Management
  • Master's Degree Programmes (English language of instruction):
    • 8.05010101 Information Control Systems and Technologies;
    • 8.03060101 Management of Organizations and Administration
  • Bachelor's / Master's Degree Programmes (Ukrainian language of instruction):
    • all accredited fields of study and specialities

Postgraduate Degree Programmes:

  • Physics of the solid body;
  • Economic theory and history of economic thought.

Main Research Areas:

  • Study of electrical and magnetic properties of materials with narrow energy bands;
  • Study of the influence of laser shock waves on the physical properties of materials to control the defect subsystem of these materials;
  • Influence of the shape density of electronic states on the electrical and magnetic properties of narrow-gap materials;
  • History of science and technology;
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of teaching physics for engineering students, including the use of innovative teaching methods.

Scientific and research topics:

  • Spiritual culture in the context of transformation of Ukrainian society into the European Community;
  • Concept of teaching foreign language for professional purposes in the context of the Bologna Process.