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First vice-rector, deputy head of the academic council — PhD, Assoc. Prof. Mytnyk, Mykola Myroslavovych
Tel: +38(0352) 25-27-34,
e-mail: mytnyk@networkacad.net

The coordination council in support of Bologna process and credit-modular system, system of modular control, rating system of the students’ knowledge estimation and education quality control system are functioning in the university. The concepts of Magna Charta Universitatum are being implemented in the university. The fundamental and professional education is being conducted by the academic teaching staff, approximately 80% of whom posses Dr.Sc. and PhD degrees.

Multi-level educational programs, which take into account the experience of the best technical and technological universities of the world, are functioning in the university. Educational activity in the university is based on the possibility of students to choose from the wide range of academic programs and subject courses. Training of specialists is carried out by 9 faculties according to the 23 majors of Bachelor’s degree, 25 specialities of Specialist’s degree and 14 specialities of Master’s degree in 14 subject areas: «Informatics and Computing Equipment»; «Information Security»; «Automatics and Management»; «Civil Engineering and Architecture»; «Transport and Transport Infrastructure»; «Biotechnology»; «Radio Engineering»; «Radio-Electronic Devices and Communication», «Metrology, Measurement Equipment and Information and Measurement Technologies»; «Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics»; «Mechanical Engineering and Materials Working Equipment»; «Food Industry and Processing of Agricultural Production»; «Management and Administration», «Economics and Entrepreneurship»; «Socio-Political Sciences». Training of foreign students is realized according to the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs (Ukrainian and English languages of instruction), and also at the preparatory department.