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Ivan Pul'uj

Іван Пулюй

The University is named after Ivan Pul'uj, famous physicist and electrical engineer, great scientist, an outstanding cultural and political figure.

Ivan Pul'uj was born on February 2nd, 1845 in the town of Hrymailiv. In 1864 he graduated from the Ternopil Gymnasium with honors. To continue his education Ivan entered the Theological Department of the Vienna University and after graduation from it he became a student of Philosophy Department. Having finished his studying Ivan Pul'uj started to investigate physical processes and phenomena.

After receiving an Associate Professor Degree in Vienna, the scientist had worked as a Professor of the German Prague polytechnical Institute over 30 years (from1884 to 1916 ), then he was the Dean of Physical Faculty and the Rector of this establishment.

Professor Ivan Pul'uj was well - known in scientific circles as a famous theorist and experimentator, the author of many unique scientific papers and very important inventions. He is recognized as an expert in the construction of electric power stations and highly qualified specialist in ancient languages.

In his researches Pul'uj was very close to the discovery of the place of X-ray's origin. He made the first X-ray photographs. All his experiments with X-rays were made by him, using vacuum tubes of his own design. His attention was also focused on the problems of molecular physics, studying the cathode rays properties and nature. He published, dozens of articles and booklets, more than 50 scientific papers.

Ivan Pul'uj is a brilliant translator of the Bible in original. He is famous for his active attitude towards protecting of rights of the Ukrainian people, their political freedoms and native language, for his great organizational, cultural and educational work. The scientist created the fund of helping poor Ukrainian students who studied abroad, he assisted to solve the problems of Ukrainian refugees during World War 1.

The great scientist, cultural and public figure Ivan Pul'uj died on January 31st, 1918 in Prague where he was burried. His inventions and scientific papers are a great pride for the world science. Nowadays his name takes one of the first places in the list of outstanding figures of the Ukrainian culture. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Pul'uj birthday, many events devoted to his memorable date were held in Ternopil, Hrymailiv, Lviv and Kyiv. The international scientific-educational conference was held, the bust of well-known scientist was erected at our University. Austrian Professor Petro Pul'uj, the scientist's grandson, visited Ukraine and took part at the conference.

Ivan Pul'uj will always remain in our hearts as the symbol of the intellectual wealth of the Ukrainian people, landmark of the future achievements of the state.

18 February 2019