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Administrative-and-household work and construction

Vice rector on administrative-and-household work and construction — Klepchyk, Vasyl Mykhailovych
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Material and technical basis of the university consists of 11 academic buildings with the total area 35 110,3 square meters, 3 student dormitories with 881 beds. University property also includes 8 independent boiler houses for the heating of study and utility rooms with a total capacity 4 780 kW, and also two transforming sub-stations. The total area on which the university is located is 9,09 ha.

University constantly takes measures to create new and improve the existing material basis, buy new laboratory and classroom equipment, computer equipment, furniture for the study rooms and dormitories. At the moment 1270 computers provide complete realization of the teaching process.

The asset complex of the university is being constantly kept in proper condition according to the occupational health and safety and emergency management norms, sanitary regulations and standards.

Annually the range of works in complete and current repair of academic buildings and dormitories, and also of engineering networks of buildings using the contracting and economic method is being held.

University administration constantly works on the creation of new and improvement of the existing resource base for the securing of the teaching process realization, scientific research, other kinds of activity, reliable supply of academic buildings and dormitories with energy products, keeping of the educational and living areas in the proper sanitary condition.